Accordion Shutter - Track Types

Accordion Shutter - Track Types

Posted on : 11 Oct, 2021    |    Last Update - 1 year ago   

  • Wall Tracks are for installing shutters for windows, when anchoring directly to wall surfaces on top or bottom of the openings. The 1" and 2" build out tracks are optional when needing additional clearance from the wall openings more than 5/8"off of wall.
  • Ceiling Tracks are tracks that are for installing directly to ceiling or above roofing system.
  • Floor or Sill Tracks are for installing shutters for windows, doors, patios, etc. when anchoring directly to floor surfaces bottom of the opening. There are several types of floor tracks 
  • Wall-over Tracks are 1" tall rounded tracks for low profile floor mounting.
  • Adjustable Floor Tracks are 2 pcs. tracks that can adjust uneven floor surfaces up to 1" adjustment.
  • Recessed Floor Track are use to install the track in the floor. Track is popular in pool ares and resorts. 

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